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"Red Chair Software Support (or lack of it!)"

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Like other people, I bought and installed Anapod.

A good program and very useful.

That's the good news!

And now, the bad news.

I replaced my hard drive and so, I wanted to download again, the program which has been paid for to include updates etc.

So, I went to Red Chair Software/Anapod website to do just that.

No way! The site will not allow registered users login - Explorer reports" Cannot display the web page"

Red Chair Software, do not respond to their "Support" web page nor do they respond to email support enquiries.

Amazingly, I can still buy the program again at any time from the same site.

Come on Red Chair, its not hard, customers do not come back and pay again for something already paid for.

Well, not me anyway.

Has anybody got a copy, I can reinstall?



  • Good program.
  • Dodgy software business company.

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01 Sep 2010

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